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691 Mill Creek Rd, Suite 5

Manahawkin, NJ 08050 USA

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  • "Not only am I feeling healthier, have more energy, less pain, better mental clarity and outlook, but I know that my organs and immune system are boosted and are functioning better. My posture has also improved. I will be able to do more physically in the future as I age."
    Cheryl C.
  • "I cannot thank you enough! Earlier this summer I went to a concert at PNC and could hardly walk to the show from the parking lot. Just now I walked to the beach trudging a beach bag and chair...Breathing like I was walking down the hall! Thank you for giving me my life back!!!!"
  • "A healthier, stronger, better spine = a better me! Thank you to everyone at Healing Hands!"
    Lisa T.
  • "OMG Dr. Nicole is like a magician! Thank you so much for making this happen, I feel so good!"
  • "As a client I can recommend the excellent abilities of Dr. Nicole Bonner. Without the care I have received at Healing Hands, I could not have continued practicing clinical nursing"
  • "My chiropractic care at Healing Hands is a blessing to me, because it gave me a sense of peace and hope. Peace of mind that I was (finally) in the right hands, healing hands. Hope for my future and the way I want to go back to living ... pain free."
  • "Hey Dr. Nicole, I know this number is supposed to be for emergencies but I won't see you till next week and I wanted to tell you that you are awesome and I don't know what I do without you or your chiropractic! Yesterday you adjusted I think you said it was my scapula??"
  • "Well for the 1st time since before I was pregnant with my daughter I have no pain in my breast! My daughter always trys to sleep with her head on my right side of chest at night and usually it is way too painful but last night for the first time in over two yrs I had no pain!!!! You are the best!" -- current patient's text to Dr. Nicole, August 2015"


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