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     Our office is very different and unique, even compared to other chiropractic offices.  In our office, our doctors specialize in the spine and how it relates to the nervous system.  Let me explain.....

     Your spine has two functions.  One, it keeps you upright.  That is what we call your posture.  Number two, it encases your spinal cord.  A healthy spinal cord is ESSENTIAL to have a healthy body.  Let me explain why!

     Your brain controls EVERY cell, tissue, organ and system in your body.  It does that by sending  nerve signals down your spinal cord.  The nerve signals are energy that flows over your spinal cord, like water flows through a river.   The electrical signal exit the spine and travel over the nerves to all the cells in your body telling them what to do.  In fact, every organ in your body relies on these signals to function and keep you healthy.

     From the day you were born, your body went through many different stresses and traumas.  Things like falling off of your bike, playing sports, motor vehicle accidents and even sitting at your computer.  These traumas can cause your spinal bones to shift out of their normal alignment.  These shifts or twists are called SUBLUXATION.   A subluxation, or misalignment of the spinal bones, can cause stress, tension and pressure to your spinal cord, AND the nerves exiting the spine.  When the nerves are being squeezed, tense or smashed the nerve signals traveling through that part of the nerve become diminished.  It's like turning the dimmer switch down on a light.  This reduces energy to the body parts and the organs, and over time the cells, tissues, organs and systems of the body become weak.  This is probably one of the most overlooked causes of disease!  

     Most of the time, subluxations don't cause pain, so you may not know they are there.  That is why we recommend everyone with a spine be checked regularly for them,  just like everyone with teeth get checked  by a dentist, especially children!  Reason being, by the time you are in pain, the nerve is already inflamed, the nerve signals are turned way down and your body is already in crisis.  

     A Chiropractor's job is to do a thorough examination and x-ray to locate subluxations if you have them.  Once the problem is located, the chiropractor will correct the subluxation using a spinal adjustment in order to restore the nerve connection between your brain and your body!  This will help you build a strong foundation for your health and therefore, your life!


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